Pacelle decries Nebraska’s ‘bullying tactics’

HSUS head Wayne Pacelle is criticizing what he calls “bullying tactics” being used by Nebraska Farm Bureau and Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman.

In a letter to the editor published by the Lincoln Journal-Star, Pacelle complains of Heineman’s and Farm Bureau’s unwillingness to, in his words “open dialogue” on issues related to farm animal welfare.  Despite the rebuff, Pacelle says he’s still ready to talk with Nebraska leaders, adding “we won’t just stand aside in the face of bullying tactics.”

Osceola Nebraska pork producer Kevin Peterson, who serves on the Nebraska Farm Bureau board of directors, doesn’t believe animal welfare is really HSUS’ main objective.

“It’s just their, I think, first attempt at taking away choices that consumers have as far as meat in their diets,” Peterson says, “because they used to be a lot more comfortable telling you that that was their end mission.  They have backed off that a little bit here in the last couple of years—because they’re trying to be more mainstream.”

Peterson says he has worked with both open housing and individual housing systems for hogs.  He says those who claim that group housing is better for the animal—an argument made by HSUS—are being, in his words, “intellectually dishonest”.

“Anybody who has been around pigs before knows that when those animals are mixed they can become very hostile towards one another,” says Peterson, “and that’s the reason that they went to individual housing.  It wasn’t because we’re going to make more money doing it this way. It’s because this is what’s better for the animal—and it just happened to raise production that way.”

In his letter to the editor, Pacelle specifically cites the use of gestation crates as an example of the inhumane treatment of farm animals.

AUDIO: Kevin Peterson (4 min MP3)

Op-Ed response written by Nebraska Farm Bureau president Keith Olsen-Omaha World Herald web site

  • Ohhh – this is FUNNY!!!!
    Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black! Pacelle doesn’t like it when people disagree with his “expertise” – so he has to denigrate them any way he can!

    Oh – expertise from Wayne Pacelle? He’s talking about animals getting along? Ha ha ha!!! Ask Wayneo what animal he’s EVER owned!!! Answer – NONE! He’s never even owned a cat – let alone a farm animal. Ask him what shelter he’s ever worked in – NONE! Ask him what shelter H$U$ owns – NONE! Ask him what percentage of the millions he takes in a year ever benefits an animal – less than 3%!!! Ask him what he did with the pit bulls that disappeared after Katrina, that H$U$ was supposedly caring for. Ask him WHY he hires convicted felons with PETA roots. Ask him where all the monies went that he solicited for the Vick dogs, when H$U$ NEVER TOUCHED ONE!!! Ask him about all the domestic animals H$U$ saved in Haiti – the one that belonged to their own person???? And HE’s an expert on animals????

    Contact the IRS and tell them that H$U$ is a scam, that they don’t deserve non-profit status, and that they are truly a terrorist organization bent on destroying our way of life!

  • It has become increasingly clear that threats, intimidation, and violence is being used against pet owners, medical researchers, dog breeders and farmers by animal rights radicals. Legitimate businesses are being shut down by these zealots who slander all farmers and dog breeders with the terms made up by HSUS. HSUS and PeTA’s primary goal is to end all use of animals for food, medical research and as companion animals by passing laws that will choke off all future breeding of animals. In fact HSUS is so greedy that they are asking their volunteers to vote for their project to win the Pesi 250,000 dollar grant above children who need help breathing, women and children who need help after having been enslaved and above autistic children who need help communicating with their teachers. HSUS receives 100 million dollars a year and spends less than .04% on direct animal care. HSUS could shelter every pet in this country and still have millions left over. Its time for the public to rethink this animal rights movement as it is becoming clear that many breeds of dogs will soon become extinct. In the north eastern states the shelters and rescue groups are importing diseased feral dogs with rabies from India, Puerto Rico and Mexico. These radical animal rights groups believe they have the right to lie to the public to reach their anti animal goal which is to eliminate animal ownership. A clear example is Prop B in Missouri that lowered the standard of care. In fact the only thing HSUS wanted passed was to limit how many dogs one could own. They knew PROP B lowered the standard of care that is why it did not pass in 114 rural counties and only passed due to the cities and the propaganda from HSUS. PROP B changed feeding from 2X a day to once a day. PROP B eliminated the requirement to provide sanitized water 24/7 and it called for temperature ranges in kennels that would ensure that newborn puppies would die. It called for unfettered access to the outside no matter the age of the dog or the weather conditions. Imagine that the government said you must keep all your doors open in all weather so your children no matter how old they are can go outside anytime they want. And at the same time you are suppose to keep your house temperature between 45 and 85 degrees which is an impossibility. Then on top of that you are suppose to keep your air filtered so that no pollution can enter your house. This is the insanity of Prop B that city folk ignored. There is a total lack of care from animal rights radicals about the reality all animals face from this AR movement as we watch horses starve, elk and moose herds being killed off by the over growth of wolves, bears killing our children in their own backyards and cougars attacking people in their own neighborhoods. In the South and Western states 3.5 million 500 to 1000 pound feral pigs are destroying crop land and attacking people, but the animal rights people won’t let them be killed or stopped from invading homes and attacking people. Truly common sense has left these animal rights zealots who inflict such damage on animals and people. In reality they put their goal of a vegan state before the animals they want to leave in the wild to die. These people must be stopped. They are a danger to the safety of our country. Remember that all cults start by removing meat from the diet because without VB12 the brain becomes irrational and overly emotional in its response. This makes these people easily led. This is a cult movement as evidenced by their own responses to anyone who states the opposite. When one of their own members discovered her health going downhill on the vegan diet she was pepper sprayed when she tried to present her personal research at the Animal rights conferences. Before you advocate a vegan diet you had better read up on the consequences to young children. The dark side includes death, damage to internal organs and the bones. For boys the soy is a real problem and its the only plant that comes close to the complex proteins found in meat. Singer the leader of the animal rights movement in his last article for the New York Times called on all of our young people to neuter themselves and then party down until the last human being dies out. The main identifier of a cult is that it requires you to remove meat from your diet on the pretext that it is healthy. There is no research that proves a vegan diet is healthy and there is lot to say it is dangerous especially for children. The real purpose in having you stop eating meat is because meat rebuilds the brain through a balance of complex proteins and essential nutrients in combination with VB12. When you are low in VB12 the brain becomes irrational and overly emotional. The vegan diet can be devastating to young children. In a heartbreaking case a 12-year-old girl in Scotland was admitted to a hospital after a life-long vegan diet left her with the spine of an 80-year-old. Raised without the nutrients that come from milk and meat since birth,she developed a severe case of rickets (a degenerative bone condition) and numerous bone fractures. In the US a 15-month-old child was taken into foster care after a strict vegan diet left her with internal injuries, broken bones, missing teeth, and rickets. Two more vegan children died from similar complications in the US. In Florida, a 5-month-old girl was still at newborn weight when she died from malnutrition. Her siblings were severely malnourished, and at least two had developed rickets on vegan diets. A 6-week-old Atlanta vegan baby died last year and these incidences are increasing in vegan raised children. A strict vegan diet lacks vitamin B12, found only in animal foods; usable vitamins A and D, found in meat, fish, eggs and butter; and necessary minerals like calcium and zinc. When babies are deprived of all these nutrients, they will suffer from retarded growth, rickets and nerve damage. As animal activists tout meatless diets note that 1 out of 5 human beings cannot digest plant protein especially children. Yet vegan activists at PETA and the woefully misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) continue to push vegan diets on children. 12 million infants and young children die each year in developing countries from complications of marasmus (protein- deficiency) and kwashiorkor (severe protein deficiency). Autopsies of children dying of kwashiorkor and marasmus show pancreatic atrophy or fibrosis and fatty changes or fibrosis in
    the liver. We are now finding these problems in American children of strict vegan parents. Malnutrition is one of the many risks when raising infants on a vegan
    diet. The digestion of soy during pregnancy has become a growing controversy.
    A new study of babies born to vegetarian mothers showed that baby boys had a five-fold risk of hypospadias, a birth defect of the sexual organs according to research stated by Jane Phillimore. Inappropriate hormone levels caused by a high intake of soy during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy can cause damage to the fetus’s developing brain.”
    Research has shown that soy-formula contains approximately the same amount of estrogen found in five birth control pills. Imagine the effect this has on children, not to mention baby boys. “These babies’ isoflavone levels were found to be from 13,000 to 22,000 times higher than in non-soy fed infants,” according to
    Soybean production is also killing off the Brazilian rainforest faster than any other operation due to need for infrastructure and high processing plants. This soy is traveling the world for the increase demand for vegan diets not for animal feed. The only sustainable protein development comes from animals who turn grasses into high quality protein for human beings. There is no scientific proof that a vegan diet keeps you healthy and there is more than enough proof that such a diet is detrimental to infants, young children and pregnant women.

  • Pacelle must be joking! As an Ohio, I have seen the bullying and blackmailing done by HSUS in our state. There can be NO open dialog with HSUS because bottom line, it’s their way or no way. And ‘their way’ is vegan, no ownership or use of animals, be it our pets, our exotics, or our agricultural animals. HSUS is a snake in the grass and you cannot trust them. Pacelle is expert at deceiving those that think they are voting for animal welfare.

    Nebraska, please don’t allow them to do to you what they are doing in Ohio!

  • Humane Wayne thinks he and the H$U$(HSUS) have the “right” to tell very one in the US how they can and can not treat their animals, when they are NOT police officals. They are animals advocates in diguised and animal welfare. If H$U$ has their way no one will be allowed to “own” any animal let alone eat animal products. They do not help animals directly, they “Steal” them from owners/ shelters and ship them all over the country to other shelters to “deal” with. Which uasually means that shelter being saddled with the animals expences and then disposing of them.
    The HSUS only give’s 1% of all donations to any animal organation. And Mr Pacell makes an astromical ampunt of $269,000 dollars a year to give false information to the public to get them to donate to him and his attornies, that turn around and try to take those same people’s animal rights away. So Nebraska Good for youStand up to them and keep Humane Wayne and his posse out of Nebraska!!!!

  • OMG, how funny…and TOTALLY disingenuous of Whiny Wayne to call anyone a bully! Bullying is what HSUS does best. Just look at Ohio. You won’t convince me that their tactics there are complete schoolyard bullying. They come in with NOTHING to offer but threaten that if you don’t “open a dialog” with them, they will spend their millions waging a public smear campaign against agriculture in your state. Nope, that’s not bullying…well actually its not; its more like extortion! And they expect people to trust them…what a joke! Crawl back in your hole, Wayne,no one feels sorry for you!!!

  • That is like calling the kettle black. How long has Wayne been forcing a vegan animal rights movement in the USA? How much money has he and like organizations cost our economy? In twenty years and like Switzerland we can’t place a goldfish bowl unless the fish has a 360 degree view because it is illegal to shove the little begger up against a wall. We have animal rights entering farms, and homes some with warrantless search, to seize your animals. Not all make the headlines. We have HSUS offices in over 30 states who lobby against anyone owning an animal or at best make it difficult. I really have no sympathy for Wayne Pacelle or HIS cause, because it is not animal welfare, or as Wayne Pacelle says they are now an animal protection agency. Yes, protecting all animal from human use for anything, even food!

  • Oh, boo hoo, people are fighting back.

    Nebraska has my deepest respect for seeing right through HSUS and showing them the door from the start.

    Those out there who are still being fooled–please, try to understand. HSUS is not the animal welfare organization it claims to be. We aren’t against animal welfare. We know there are problems in the agriculture industry that need to be ironed out, and problems elsewhere to be solved. The reality, however, is that most such issues can be solved by enforcing existing regulations, not by making brand new ones. Most importantly to this issue, HSUS is not the right organization to solve any of them.

    Has HSUS done a few good things? Yes, they have. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But everything they do is done to forward their agenda. It’s done for promotional purposes, or because it is one step closer to their goal: The complete elimination of the human/animal bond. No more livestock, no more pets–HSUS wants domestic animals to go extinct, and their higher-ups have SAID so. This isn’t made up stuff. HSUS is under the control of PETA (check how many people from PETA work in their administration).

    You know, if Temple Grandin wants to come in and tell Nebraska Farmers how to make things better for livestock, she’s got my support, 100%. Wayne Pacelle does not, regardless of what he says. HSUS simply cannot be given a single inch, because their goal is always a mile.

    Do I have a personal stake in it? Yes. HSUS openly strives to eliminate my entire industry. I’m a reptile breeder.

  • Alas it seems Nebraskans are not thinking through the issues just believing what they are told about HSUS by the agriculture industry. The cramming and caging and crating of living sentient beings in the vast factory farms of the US and the rest of the world is a total disgrace. This vast cruelty reflects very poorly on us as the dominant species.

    More power to your elbow HSUS.

  • HSUS: Are we confusing sentient with sapience?

    In fantasy fiction and science fiction, sapience describes an essential human property that bestows “personhood” onto a non-human. It indicates that a computer, alien, mythical creature or other object will be treated as a completely human character, with similar rights, capabilities and desires as any other human character. The words “sentience”, “self-awareness” and “consciousness” are used in similar ways in science fiction.

    HSUS: I don’t think you are confusing the terms but I think that anyone who agrees with you is confusing them. And that is exactly what HSUS hopes for.

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