Cab Conversations: Get Growing No. 3

Show Notes: Cab Conversations, Get Growing No. 3

Brownfield’s spring series of Cab Conversations returns with host and Indiana Farm Director, Meghan Grebner, who is joined by Judi Graff of Middleton, Ill., Adam Casner of Carrollton, Mo., Zach Hunnicutt of Aurora Neb., Keith Alverson of Chester, S.D., David Lowe of Dunkirk, Ind., and Allen Ett of Ashville, Ohio for the third segment of Get Growing.

During the show, guests gave a brief update about each of their operations and their planting statuses. Guests also discussed current problems each are facing during this spring planting season.

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The Conversation:

 Weather and Planting Progress

  • Zach, how is the weather in Nebraska?
  • Keith, how are things in South Dakota?
  • Judi, you finished planting. Can you give us an update on how things are looking in Illinois?
  • How are things in Illinois, Dave?
  • Adam, tell us how the weather has been and some of the things that have been going on with you guys.
  • Allen, you all had a pretty serious system come through. How are the crops looking?
  • For you guys that are out for the weather, what are you doing this week? How are you keeping up on things? Is it a relief to get a break or would you rather get things wrapped up?
  • As you talk to other farmers in the area, what are some of their thoughts on how things are going and some of the things that you’re picking up from their conversations?
  • How much does it cost to have the seed sitting under the soil for a month [Keith]?
  • Judi, you’re outside today. Are you working cattle?
  • When you’re out scouting the fields, what are some of the things you’re seeing?
  • When you guys look at the big picture, what is your thought process about some of the big concerns that you have for the growing season moving forward?
  • What about your concerns in Nebraska [Zach]?
  • Dave, at what point do you get nervous about the crop not getting into the ground as you look ahead in the summer months [Indiana]?
  • Allen, same question for you.
  • Keith and Allen, does it make you nervous that we are having such a cool spring? How are you dealing with that?
  • Aside from your smart phone, what piece of technology on your farm could you not live without?

Farmer-to-Farmer Questions

  • Allen asked Zach about a rumor of frost in Nebraska.
  • David asked about how Keith handles ridges for his soybean crop.
  • Keith asked David and Allen about changing maturities on hybrids.
  • Keith asked other guests if having lack of a piece of technology would keep them from getting work done.

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