Cab Conversations: Get Growing No. 7

Show Notes, Cab Conversations: Get Growing No. 7

Brownfield’s spring series of Cab Conversations returns for the 7th episode of Get Growing. Joining Indiana Farm Director Meghan Grebner today are:

  • Judi Graff of Middleton, Illinois
  • Adam Casner of Carrollton, Missouri
  • Zach Hunnicutt of Aurora Nebraska
  • David Lowe of Dunkirk, Indiana
  • Allen Ett of Ashville, Ohio

During the show, guests gave a brief update about planting and weather. They also discussed signing of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA), side-dressing, and bugs.

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The Conversation:

Weather and Planting Progress

  • Zach Hunnicut talks about progress around the corn belt.
  • Judy Graff gives her perspective from central Illinois.
  • David Lowe shares the impact of “extremely wet” conditions in east central Indiana.
  • Allen Ett has an update from central Ohio.
  • Adam Casner in western Missouri talks about the positive progress he’s seeing with corn.
  • The group responds to the question of whether a lack of rain now will be a concern down the road, for those who missed the recent downpours.
  • Zach shares how the dry winter made up for a wet fall.
  • The group talks about the potential need for switching maturities and replanting.
  • The group discusses pest issues and what they’re seeing in their fields.
  • Discussion of improvements to waterways under WRRDA
  • Reaction to water system legislation that passed
  • What is basis?

Farmer-to-Farmer Questions

  • Allen asks Zach about the impact of the previous week’s hail storms.
  • Zach asks the group how many days without rain makes them start to worry.
  • Dave asks the group about population goals.
  • Allen asks the group about the row width they plant.
  • Adam asks what the others are using to top while side dressing.

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