MO governor waiting for next move on year-round E15

Governor Mike Parson says there’s a lot in the air surrounding a state led effort for year-round E15 sales after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a similar national case.

Parson tells Brownfield he’s waiting to see what the next step is.

“That’s going to go on to a lot of lawyers [to] figure out what the next step is,” he said. “So, I’ll let some of them decide that.”

Parson, who was one of several Midwest governors to send the EPA a letter in November expressing the need for year-round E15, said it would be a strong boost to the state’s already largest economic driver.

“It’s a big to us,” Parson said. “We want to help these farmers out here when it comes to ethanol or when you come to the ingredients. We want to help them because that’s part of their business.”

Missouri year-round sales of E15 are only available in St. Louis and Kansas City now.

Brownfield interviewed Parson at the Missouri Corn Growers Annual Meeting Wednesday.

Governor Mike Parson Interview

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