FMC Xyway fungicides are game changers

Brownfield caught up with Camille Lambert, Technical Service Manager with FMC during Commodity Classic. She believes the Xyway brand fungicide is a game changer because it is the first and only At-Plant corn fungicide brand to provide season-long, inside-out foliar disease protection from planting to harvest.

“We had never before been able to put a fungicide on at planting because they don’t last very long or they don’t move very well in the plant,” said Lambert. “We’ve only done foliar applications in the past. Xyway fungicide is very, very persistent in the soil so it will last AND it moves well in the plant.”

FMC has a new tool to manage late season disease. Adastrio is a new foliar fungicide with a 3-way mode of action.

Lambert’s advice to growers is to be proactive.

Listen to the conversation:

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