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Bob’s Labor Day week-end plans

For the 20th year I will spend my Labor Day week-end as the announcer at the draft horse show at the Central Wisconsin State Fair in Marshfield. Over 225 horses enter each year, we start out with a youth show on Saturday followed by some hitches on Saturday night. Halter classes Sunday and Monday mornings, hitches Sunday and Monday afternoons. We hitch everything from carts up to eight-horse hitches. One of the unique features of this show is we usually have all five major draft breeds represented: Belgian, Percheron, Clydesdale, Shire and Suffolk. The show has certainly evolved over the years from a “snow-fence” arena and announcing off a flat-bed truck to a huge permanent sand-based arena with lights, bleechers and two-story announcers stand. You can find the full schedule here. 

-Bob Meyer

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