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Really good people

In this business we get to work with a lot of really good people, and one of those, really good people is retiring this Friday, April 1.

Mike McGovern has been working for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for 36 years and for a number of those he’s served as a Public Information Specialist. Mike is one of those people who understands his job, he understands what those of us in the media are looking for in a story. If Mike sent you something, you knew it was important. From Agriculture Secretary’s, to Congressmen, to Senators, to the Chief of the NRCS, if they were in Indiana talking anything about conservation, I would get a call from Mike wanting to know if he could help set up an interview. Mike was always on-site too, taking photos, making sure those of covering the story were getting what we needed, and that was always appreciated.

Mike, as you step away from NRCS, to spend more time doing those things you enjoy away from the office, I wish you well my friend and thanks for making my job a little easier. 

And while I’m on the subject of really good people, I ran in to Joe and Roma Meyer of Wayne County, Indiana last week at the Indiana Roof Ballroom for the Student Product Innovation Competition Awards Banquet and then again last night at Taste of Elegance. I’m not sure either how I made the same list as Joe and Roma, but you know you’re walking in pretty high cotton when you’re invited to an event at the Indiana Roof Ballroom, let alone two. Anyway, it was especially good to see Joe out and about, Joe had a triple bypass on January 18, on January 19, Joe and Roma celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary.

-Dave Russell

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