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One of the questions I’ve been asked by candidates for a position on the Brownfield Ag News reporting staff is  “What is the story load for a reporter at Brownfield?” 

The answer to that question is that it varies greatly, depending upon what is going on any particular day or week.  Sometimes a story goes so “deep” that it takes more time to cover it.  Sometimes a story is very basic and easier to cover.   I have high expectations for the reporting staff at Brownfield Ag News, and they always over-deliver.

Meghan Grebner, Indiana Brownfield, shared with me this morning that she did her annual story purge:

I just moved over 900 stories (including Hoofbeat and MFP programs) and almost 1,300 cuts of audio that I have pulled since January 1 of 2012.  It is a good thing my house does not look like my External Hard drive… I’d be living amongst boxes of stuff, newspapers, and other junk that is piled up to my ceiling.


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