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And Cargill is here to support you. Explore our sustainable programs, discover marketing resources that can help you build your plan, and sell your crop your way.

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Driving Innovation

Explore Cargill’s groundbreaking initiatives, Cargill RegenConnect and Cargill Elevate, showcased at the 2024 Commodity Classic. Discover how these programs are revolutionizing farming practices and empowering farmers with sustainable solutions and cutting-edge technology.


Cargill is working to mitigate climate change, regenerate soil and improve water use, while nourishing the world in a more sustainable way. Listen as Jared Jacobs, Conservation Agronomist Manger for Cargill, discusses the RegenConnect program and its goals to help farmers implement soil health practices.


Grain marketing is key to unlocking higher profits on your farm so get insights and support to ensure you get the most out of your marketing plan. Watch as Jenna Severs, Product Specialist for Cargill, discusses Cargill new offer Elevate and how it is helping famers unlock enhanced profitability.

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