John Deere launches T6 800 combine

John Deere’s latest series of combine is geared toward livestock producers looking for high straw quality.

Deere go-to-market manager for harvesting equipment Bergen Nelson says the new T6 800 is a “walker” machine.

“As the crop gets separated and threshed, the straw is getting walked out the back of the machine versus going through a conventional or maybe a rotor combine like we have today with our S and X combine.”

He tells Brownfield the T6 800 can harvest corn, soybeans, and small grains.

“Wheat, barley, canola, etc. But if a customer is really concerned about straw quality, this is going to be the machine for them. And maybe somebody that’s not trying to cover an extra large amount of acres like maybe a customer who would own an X9.”

Nelson says the T6 800 features the latest precision ag technology, a larger, quieter cab, increased unloading rate, and improved efficiency.

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