New biocontrol technology acquired by Nutrien Ag Solutions

Nutrien Ag Solutions has announced a new biocontrol tool for integrated pest management.

Francisco Manzano with Loveland Products, the proprietary company for Nutrien, says the company’s photosensitizer formulations can be used in the global ag industry. “It’s designed to control pests and pathogens,” he said. “It will bring in new technologies to the farmer to help them manage the crop.”

In a statement, the company said it recently acquired the assets of Suncor Energy AgroScience, which consisted of several patented and patent pending technologies in the area of biocontrol.

Manzano tells Brownfield this is a first-of-its-kind tool for row crop growers. “The cost of application or value to the farmer is pretty high,” he said. “This is going to allow these products to truly capture a portion of the row crop space, which is rare with this type of biological.”

According to Nutrien, the proprietary technology for use in the agriculture industry aims to offer a new mode of action, plus advantages in resistance management. Categorized as a biocontrol tool, research and field-trial data show the technology as having market-competing potential in delivering efficacy, stability, and economic value comparable to traditional synthetic crop protection inputs.

Manzano says the photosensitizer formulations are expected to launch in certain global markets by 2025. Product submissions to the EPA in the U.S. are anticipated by 2026.

AUDIO: Francisco Manzano – New biocontrol technology acquired by Nutrien Ag Solutions

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