Study: Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 effectively delivers nitrogen and a greater ROI to the grower

A multi-year, independent study by Precision Technology Institute has found that Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 allows growers to lower nitrogen application rates without losing corn yield.  

Erik Christian, associate director of product development agronomy, says the study found that the company’s microbial products effectively deliver nitrogen and a greater return on investment to the grower.

“Over three years, PROVEN® 40 allowed growers to lower their nitrogen rate by 25 percent without losing corn yield while at the same time increasing revenue by as much as $12.56 per acre,” he says.

Pivot Bio PROVEN 40 is a replacement product for synthetic nitrogen up to 40 pounds per acre.

Christian says the results from the study are timely as growers finalize nutrient management plans for the planting season.

“Nitrogen is one of the most limiting factors in crop productivity. Nitrogen is a critical crop input and maybe one of the more unpredictable inputs growers work with. Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 is a better solution. It’s a better delivery mechanism and a more sustainable technology that leads to the same yields and a higher ROI. These real-world studies like what PTI conducted are helping to drive adoption and we’re excited to serve growers with a better nitrogen solution as we move forward to planting in 2023.”

The study found that the 2022 ROI was greater, with an additional profit of $16.50 an acre with Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40.

He says Pivot Bio recognizes the importance of partnering with independent researchers.

“Studies like this allows us to provide growers with information to help them be more familiar with how our products could work on their operation,” he says.

Precision Technology Institute is a third-party that conducts agronomic trials on different practices and products. The performance study was conducted from 2020-2022 with the objective of measuring the return on investment and the effect on yield using PROVEN® 40 with a 45-pound nitrogen reduction.

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Audio: Erik Christian

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