Swine vaccine maker at Ag Innovations Showcase

Aaron Gilbertie AutoImmune  BiologicsA wide variety of ag innovators is asking for support at the Ag Innovations Showcase.

A startup company that provides crickets for poultry feed, a tropical weather forecast provider for western African farmers, the maker of nasal vaccines for hogs. They all have in common the need for more investment and capital.

Aaron Gilbertie, is CEO and president of Aptimmune Biologics. He tells Brownfield Ag News, “Aptimmune Biologics was founded to really address the pressing needs of the swine vaccine market. We’re developing revolutionary mucosal vaccines for pigs, in particular PRRS and flu viruses.”

He says PEDV outbreaks seem to be under control so they’re focusing on PRRS, the most costly disease affecting pork producers worldwide.

“We’re in our final formulation stages right now and we expect to launch or first PRRS autogenous product by the end of this year. What we’re looking for is additional funding to launch our manufacturing and sales organization and to really get this out to the marketplace.”

The 2016 Ag Innovations Showcase was held at the Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis in cooperation with the Larta Institute.

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