2023 Farm Bill could help farmers adopt precision ag

The American Soybean Association says support for precision agriculture technology in the 2023 Farm Bill could help conservation efforts.

Director of Government Affairs Ariel Wiegard tells Brownfield …

“Margins are pretty thin right now and precision ag equipment is not inexpensive, so we’re seeing what we can do to offer some resources through USDA either through grants or loans, or maybe incorporating precision agriculture into the conservation programs,” she explains.

She says the conservation title in the current bill seems to be working for farmers.

“I don’t think we’re looking for massive changes to the programs—EQUIP and the CSP programs—we might be looking for some fine-tuning to make it easier for people to enroll,” she shares.

Wiegard says the association is supportive of increasing the budget for the legislation to address the growing number of needs it covers.

Brownfield interviewed Wiegard during the recent Great Lakes Crop Summit.

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