4-H catching heat for HSUS presentation

The national 4-H organization is catching heat for allowing the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to make a presentation at the National 4-H Conference in late March.

The focus of the conference’s workshops was supposed to be civic engagement, community service and youth volunteerism.  However, some of those who sat in on the HSUS presentation say the material was more focused on HSUS’ goals related to animal rights and animal welfare.

Many state 4-H organizations are scrambling to separate themselves from the controversy.  For example, the Kansas 4-H Youth Development Program has issued a statement emphasizing it does not agree with the values supported by HSUS. 

In a statement posted on its Facebook page, the national 4-H organization defended its decision, saying that HSUS’ proposal for a workshop presentation met the guidelines set for the conference.  It says the HSUS workshop was approved by the planning committee, quote, “because the proposal aligned with the goals of the 4-H Conference and did not present any indication of anti-animal agriculture views or positions.”

  • While I do not think that the HSUS had any business being at the conference, I will uphold the organizers should have made certain that their was no way that the HSUS would present their political agenda.

  • Who ever allowed HSUS to speak at a 4-H conference should be fired. They obviously don’t know the differance between animal welfare and animal rights. HSUS is all about rights and will destroy animal agriculture little by little as they talk out of the sides of their mouths. Their hidden agendas are easy to find if you just do your research and look who they hire, where they spend their money, the law suites they joing, the propaganda on their website, the organizations they are affiliated with, what they are trying to teach our children on how to be vegans and their leadership being all vegan. How stupid are you?

  • As a former 4-Her I find it horrifying that HSUS was allowed to push their anti-animal propaganda on 4-H ers. This is akin to having the fox guard the hen house. HSUS is anti- animal agriculture, anti-hunting, anti-use of animals in entertainment, anti- breeding of purebred animals. They have next to nothing to do with saving animals.

    Wake up, national 4-H, do not drink the Animal rightist kool aid.

  • As Priscilla said – that’s like letting the fox have free-range of the hen house!!!! They’ve already destroyed our chicken industry in Calif.

    H$U$ is intent on destroying ALL animal husbandry, animal ownership, AND animal usage. Not even pets are sanctioned by these crazies!!!! The idiot that allowed this needs to be RE-educated!!! H$U$ is NOT a friend to any human! Actually – they want us gone also – VEGANS are easier to control and there is NO WAY this planet can support the number of people it has with just veggie crops.

    Give in to H$U$ and you are supporting the demise of human beings!

  • Priscilla didn’t take her metaphor quite far enough. This is actually like having the hens INVITE the fox in because he showed up at the door clucking! WHO at 4-H is so ill informed as to invite the HSUS to hold a seminar because they produce an innocuous sounding proposal? Those persons should definitely lose their jobs as they are not looking out for the welfare of their organization!

  • Who,within the National 4H organization, did not do their homework. Yes they should be replaced, yes the HSUS was their to brainwash their kids (the HSUS does not do anyhing that is not to benefit their ultimate goal) and the HSUS supports PeTA actions during state fairs of publicly cruising the fair with their propoganda in an effort to convert our children by making our children feel guilty.

    Shame on the 4H er’s that allowed this to happen. My idea of this organization has now been deminished.

  • Clearly there is a number of 4H leaders who are supporters of the HSUS/ASPCA/PETA philosophy and have been entrenched in the organization of 4H long enough that they were assured that their decisions would be supported if they took the vapid spin that they did. 4H is a sitting target for these organizations to indoctrinate the children of farmers and also the larger community kids involved in 4 H projects with horses, dogs, and farm animals as part of their county fair programs. The fact that NO ONE at 4 H seemed to be aware of the problem until after the fact and that furthermore, NO ONE at 4 H still seems to get it is an affront to anyone involved in animal husbandry and care. Now you can rely on the overflowing treasuries of HSUS to continue your financial backing because you have just lost the support of your foundation of those in the field.

  • What were the idiots thinking. It’s like the naacp inviting the kkk to speak. I hope who ever was responsible gets fired.

  • 4-H is supposed to be a program that helps children develop into responsible citizens that make the world a better place. Please refer to the mission statement at:
    The person who organized this conference was probably simply trying to provide another community service / volunteer opportunity for the participants (since that was the topic). Based on 4-H’s motto & vision I can see no reason to fire this organizer.
    SO the question becomes: is 4-H really a group that helps kids become better citizens, in whatever way they feel drawn? Or is 4-H an agent of the animal husbandry industry? If it is he latter then 4-H should change their motto, or it will appear that 4-H is secretly promoting the animal husbandry industry while portraying itself an an organization helping kids grow into responsible adults.

  • The reason why HSUS has become so successful is because of the reactionary responses and unrealistic views listed above. The only way for agriculture to really grow, is in recognizing that animal welfare has become an integral part of consumer awareness. the public doesn’t want gestation crates and the like anymore. Sorry – that’s the way it is.

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