A big year for pork on the global market

2023 was a stellar year for pork exports. 

The head of the US Meat Export Federation says that strong global demand continues to be the top story for the U.S. pork industry. 

Dan Halstrom says there was broad-based growth last year.  “Led by Latin America and Mexico, which had a huge year as it set a record in back in October for the year already,” he says.  “But you have other markets that really turned in some big numbers at the end of the year. In December, Korea had a huge month.” 

He tells Brownfield U.S. pork has benefitted from the European Union’s decline in pork supply. “We’ve seen a direct reflection of increased market share for US pork in places like Taiwan and Australia,” he says.  “Those are probably the two best examples.  But also if that Southeast Asia and Taiwan and down area that tends to be more price sensitive.” 

Halstrom says like the U.S., Brazil has also benefited from declining pork supplies in the EU.  

AUDIO: Dan Halstrom, U.S. Meat Export Federation

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