A closer look at the farm bill updates on interstate commerce

The chairman of the House Ag Committee says the new farm bill includes language meant to remove barriers in the livestock industry caused by California’s Proposition 12 law.

Glenn “GT” Thompson says it’s a new solution, different from previous solutions like the Ending Ag Trade Suppression Act.

“My proposal is built on state’s rights. Every state has the ability and the right to regulate their agricultural practices only within their state and not interstate.”

The new farm bill says no state may enact or enforce, directly or indirectly, a condition or standard on the production of covered livestock other than for covered livestock physically raised in the state.

The Humane Society of the United States says the new farm bill language on California’s Prop 12 law is a misrepresentation that will harm small farmers and independent major producers around the country who have willingly and successfully transitioned to the new standards to meet consumer demand.

Read the language in the House Ag Committee’s version of the farm bill (page 860).

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