A competitive job market adds to labor challenges for ag and farm workers

Finding reliable on-farm labor is one of the challenges facing many farmers.  With harvest just around the corner, many farmers and grain elevators around the country are looking for temporary employees.

Nathan Eckel, who farms in northwest Ohio says it isn’t easy.  “In Northwest Ohio especially, we’ve got Amazon here in Rossford, you’ve got a Home Depot warehouse,” he says.  “All those facilities are starting pay in the in the mid to upper $20 range and it’s hard to compete on a tight margin like we have here.”

He tells Brownfield in addition to the pay, finding the right fit for an operation is also a challenge.  “As a family farm, I’ve got myself and my two brothers that are farming, and we strive to find somebody with that same passion that you do,” he says.  “Someone who has the same care for the equipment that you purchase, that you’re running every day.”

Northeast Ohio farmer Jeff Magyar says the job market is competitive, but he always tries to find a farm kid looking for a job.  “The good thing is usually the ones who love it, if you can land one, you’re home free,” he says. 

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