A fertilizer budget can help mange uncertainty in 2023

An agronomist says farmers should create a fertilizer budget to help navigate a volatile market in 2023.

Gaelyn Beer with AgroLiquid says it begins with a soil test. “That way you can develop that hierarchy or pecking order of what you would invest in.”

He says after understanding what areas are deficient, it’s time to crunch the numbers. “For 2023, I would align my costs with that revenue.  I would look at 2023 December corn. I would set aside if it was corn, probably 20 percent, beans it would be 10 percent because you can lose the nitrogen component of that.”

And, Beer tells Brownfield, another way to manage risk is how you apply inputs. “You might spread your nitrogen applications out over a longer period of time.  We know have the technology to do in season side dress, Y-drop and fertigation with great accuracy.”

He says the process is complex and suggests working with an agronomist or consultant through the process.

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