Advice on securing manure for spring

An Extension ag engineer has some advice for crop farmers looking to use manure as a nutrient resource this spring.

Kapil Arora with Iowa State University says first make sure locations are environmentally fit for applications.

“So the livestock producer will be asking for some soil samples, and they do have to abide by the environmental regulations in their state.”

He tells Brownfield a manure analysis needs to be done to reveal the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, as well as various micronutrients.

“It just does not have one single fertilizer in it, so once the crop producer has that analysis they can discuss with the livestock producer the application rates for different fields.”

Arora also recommends ironing out manure transportation and application details well in advance and says that’s where most of the expense shows up.

ISU Extension is hosting two workshops in northern Iowa later this month on buying and selling manure. 

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