AFBF & NFU launch opioid crisis help site

The nation’s largest farm groups have launched a website to help farmers directly affected by the opioid crisis. is a website with local resources for opioid addiction treatment.  The American Farm Bureau Federation and National Farmers Union launched the site today. Will Rodger, AFBF’s policy communications director, tells Brownfield Ag News while almost half of rural adults surveyed know someone affected by the opioid crisis – more than 75% of farmers do, “You know, it’s easy now for folks to get illegal opioids in farm country. Our survey showed that 77% of farmers said it would be easy for someone in their community to get opioids illegally.”

Rodger says the Farm Town site is not meant to FIX the opioid epidemic among farmers and farm workers, “What we can do, as members of the Farm Bureau and the National Farmers Union, what we can do is start talking about the problems we have and get help to people who need it. We know there are facilities available. There are people who can and are willing to and eager to give treatment to the addicted.”

The website is set up for local searches by town and state or zip code.

Audio:  Interview with Will Rodger~



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