Affordability and energy independence resonate with ethanol consumers

Results of a new consumer survey show the most effective messaging to promote ethanol are affordability and energy independence. 

“Corn. Corn. Corn. Iowa. Minnesota.”

Speaking at the National Ethanol Conference in Orlando Thursday morning, Phillip Morris with Locust Street Group said those were some of the responses when consumers were asked what’s the first word you think of when you hear “ethanol.”

“Awareness of ethanol in gasoline has grown significantly in fact from the last time we conducted this. But as you heard, their associations remain strongest with corn and alcohol.”

And as industry messaging continues to saturate the market, Morris says the best way to connect consumers with ethanol is by promoting affordability and energy independence.

“In a time of higher-than-usual gas prices, folks are more conscious than they’ve ever been about what they are putting in their gas tank. And that is driving greater awareness of the role that ethanol plays.”

The survey finds environmental friendliness and performance as other effective strategies, and among the least effective were choice and competition.

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