African swine fever remains major focus in 2024

African swine fever prevention and detection continues to be a focus for the U.S. pork industry.

Dr. Paul Sundberg with the Swine Health Information Center says tremendous progress has been made since ASF was first detected in China several years ago.

“In planning, in coordination, both on the state and federal levels. As well as with industries (and) with markets, with pork producers, the veterinarians, everybody has been working on coordination and planning.”

He tells Brownfield the level of preparedness is unprecedented.

“We’re at a state now with African swine fever that in my career we’ve never been at this level of prevention, response, and recovery that we’ve been with any other foreign animal disease.”

Since ASF entered the Western Hemisphere in 2021, USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has strengthened its partnership with Customs and Border Protection staff at ports of entry, increased inspection of passengers and products arriving from affected countries, and advanced risk-based restrictions on imports of pork and pork products.

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