Ag industry faces continued uncertainty

An ag real estate expert is alarmed by the rising number of issues farmers are facing this year.

With five decades of experience in agriculture, Farmers National Company’s Randy Dickhut says he’s never seen this much uncertainty at one time. “Starting out with a drought in some areas and then it’s too wet in the Eastern Corn Belt, Northern Plains, and other areas,” he said. “The big one of course is the war in Ukraine.”

He tells Brownfield the war is adding to already short supplies of fertilizer. “Typically, our ag vendors do a fantastic job of having a supply of fertilizer, seed, herbicides, and chemicals,” Dickhut said. “This year, it’s a big question mark.”

Dickhut says he expects input costs to remain a concern in 2023. “Will farmers be trying to tie up that supply with their vendors, and the vendors with their suppliers and manufacturers? I think the whole industry starts to look at alternative supply routes,” he said.

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