Ag retailer expecting heavy reliance on Enlist herbicides this spring

Herbicide shortages have an Illinois ag retailer expecting increased reliance on Corteva’s Enlist herbicides this spring.

Dustin Ehler with Ehler Brothers Company in east central Illinois tells Brownfield there are several “hot button” herbicides for 2022 including glyphosate and glufosinate that have uncertain availability.

“For that reason, we are going to rely on Enlist probably more so than ever this year to fill in the void of several of those herbicides when dealing with tough resistant weeds in soybeans that have the Enlist trait platform in them.”

Ehler says based on information from his Corteva representative, he is not worried about availability of Enlist herbicides for 2022.

“That is a product that I believe is manufactured in the upper Midwest with the ability to produce several hundred thousands of gallons a day and have several million gallons of storage on site at the manufacturing facility.”

EPA recently renewed the registration of Enlist One and Enlist Duo herbicides for the next seven growing seasons.

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