Ag Retailers Association pleased with passage of infrastructure bill

The Agricultural Retailers Association is pleased the recently passed infrastructure bill is on its way to the President’s desk for signature.

Hunter Carpenter is the senior director of public policy with ARA.

“Investment in infrastructure has long been a priority of ours and we’ll continue to work to ensure the needs of ag retailers, their farmer customers, and all of rural America are met,” he says. “We’re encouraged that the president will sign this soon and look forward to seeing how these improvements can enhance delivery of products to members and ultimately to better yields for their farmer customers.”

He tells Brownfield roads and bridges, waterways and ports, and more are targeted in the legislation.

“For example, there are improvements to the ability to put more drivers on the road so it not only affects the actual physical infrastructure of America but also will improve, hopefully, the workforce for our members and other industries alike,” he says.

Carpenter says improvements to rural broadband are also critical.

“The improvements to rural broadband cannot be discounted…precision agricultural tools are going to do for agriculture in this century what mechanization did in the early 20th Century,” he says. “We’re talking about vast improvements to the agricultural landscape.”

The U.S. House passed the infrastructure bill late Friday. The bill passed the Senate in August with a 69-30 vote.

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