Agoro Carbon Alliance discusses benefits of carbon marketplace

A carbon credit specialist says benefits of the marketplace will continue for years to come.

Ashley Bruner with Agoro Carbon Alliance says carbon programs can boost an operation’s bottom line. “One of the really positive things is we’ve heard lowered input costs from farmers, less time in the tractor, so less fuel used from some of these practices.”

She tells Brownfield it can help improve soil health through practice changes like reducing tillage, adding cover crops, and managing nitrogen. “They have better water infiltration or water retention depending on what part of the country you’re in. Farmers especially are interested in the soil health benefits, not losing topsoil.”

Bruner says their contracts offer flexibility in payout terms to ensure producers are getting the earliest benefits possible from their carbon crop.

She spoke to Brownfield at the 2023 NAFB Convention in Kansas City.

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