Agribusinesses recruit next generation at business conference

Agribusinesses are taking advantage of their educational conferences and trade shows to recruit that next-generation ag worker. 

One part of the Wisconsin Agri-Business Classic is the Agri-Business connections program, where ag suppliers and trade show participants can show young people about ag career opportunities. 

Frank Damit is with Alcivia Cooperative tells Brownfield it’s hard finding new employees. “I think a lot of students and a lot of younger people are looking for things that are work-from-home and things of that nature, where in our industry, we’re actually out in the field working with producers and growers and things of that nature, so it’s a little bit of a challenge to find people these days, so yes.”

Demit says their internships are a great opportunity for people in college. “It’s a great opportunity for them to come in, learn the business, learn what they like, and hopefully, we can retain them through their schooling and bring them on after they graduate.”

And he says many students don’t realize the many possible career pathways available in an agriculture service business. “They can do anything from scouting out in the fields to actually being in the corporate office, and work in our five other divisions that we have besides agronomy.”

Demit says several students talked to them about internships during the recruitment session.

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