Agronomist encourages farmers to continue to scout fields

A regional agronomy manager says now is the time to scout fields for any issues that could impact yield.

Steve Gauck with Beck’s tells Brownfield “I encourage all farmers to get out in fields and walk your fields before harvest and ultimately that’s just to help you understand and set an expectation.”

As harvest approaches, Gauck encourages growers to monitor stalk integrity.   

“Because of stress, that plant’s job is to make an ear so it’s going to start robbing from that stalk to finish that ear and we’ll see some weak stalks in places,” he says. “Make sure you’re scouting and know where those are and target those first to get the corn plants out to keep harvest safe.”

He says scouting can also help farmers plan for the 2023 crop season.

“Get your agronomist, get your seed advisor, get your dealers out in the field,” he says. “Start walking these fields, look at what worked and what didn’t, and start making plans for next year to be the most efficient you can to raise this crop in light of high input prices.”

Brownfield interviewed Gauck during the 2022 Becknology Days in Atlanta, Indiana.

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