Agronomist says farmers remain cautious about crop spending

An agronomist says farmers are being careful about their crop investments.

Travis Hofslien from Alcivia Cooperative tells Brownfield with margins tight and commodity prices low, farmers are relying on soil testing to make sure they’re not wasting money on fertility inputs. “There are definitely years to build up your fertility and there are years to, you know, maybe reel it back depending on your soil situations, so I think that goes into consideration pretty much every year but maybe a little more focus this year.”

He says most farmers have been asking about how new products compare to traditional fertility inputs. “The big thing right now would be biologicals, I mean, everything in that industry right now has been pretty crazy. I mean, there have been a million products out there and different sorts of chelates just to maximize the fertility that you do have, and those I guess would be the biggest things we’re taking a look at.”

And so far, Hofslien says he’s not seeing big changes in his client’s planting plans. “For the most part, (they’re) going ahead with the same plan and just monitoring things a little bit more closely. For the most part, I’d say sticking with the plan and going from there.”

Hofslien spoke to Brownfield during the WPS Farm Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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