Agronomist says fertilizing now is a good plan

An agronomist suggests taking action yet this fall on field fertility plans.

Scott Rowntree with Pioneer in Wisconsin says prices have come down on some inputs compared to the past couple of years. “Over the past couple of seasons, some growers have delayed or not made fertilizer applications just due to their extremely high prices of P and K fertilizers, and I think this fall presents a decent opportunity to buy some product at some lower prices.”

And Rowntree says waiting can be risky, because of global conflicts and Mississippi River levels. “Particularly on the potash side of things. It looks like a good opportunity to buy and I think I’d get that locked in and purchased. There’s some good buys now and a little bit more global uncertainty moving forward here, so getting that locked in, applied, and in the soil is a good thing.”

Rowntree says many farmers skipped fertilizer applications last fall because prices were too high.

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