Agronomist says ugly corn is turning the corner

Hot and dry weather has moved in, and an agronomist says it’s helping improve some crop conditions.

University of Kentucky’s Chad Lee says ugly corn is turning the corner. “It got a little bit bigger, got a bigger root system on it, started taking some nutrients and frankly got some air back into the root profile to allow those plants to take nutrients in,” he says. “We’re we look far, far better today than we did even a week ago.”  Corn is rated 60 percent good to excellent.  The crop is 96 percent planted and 87 percent emerged.

But, he says the crop is uneven.   “We have some stand reduction and we’ve got some places in fields that were completely drowned out,” he says.  “Farmers are trying to go back in and fill those areas, almost as much as weed suppression tool opposed to anything else.”

Lee tells Brownfield there are still a lot of soybeans left to be planted.  “A lot of wheat is coming off right now,” he says.  “I’m hearing some really good wheat results and hearing some mixed numbers.  Then we’ve got double crop beans yet to go in behind those.” Soybeans are 78 percent planted compared to 89 percent last year with 65 percent of the crop emerged and 63 percent rated good to excellent. 

Winter wheat is 34 percent harvested and 77 percent mature. Tobacco is 75 percent set.

Pastures are rated 82 percent good to excellent. The first cutting of hay is 77 percent complete.   

Topsoil is 87 adequate to surplus and subsoil moisture is 92 percent adequate to surplus.

AUDIO: University of Kentucky’s Chad Lee

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