Agronomist: there is still yield potential

Indiana-based Beck’s Agronomist Steve Gauck says there is still a lot of yield potential despite the challenging season.

“If we can extend some grain fill time and not have an early frost, there’s still some good yield potential out there and we have some nice kernel sets,” he says. “There are some pockets that are in trouble, but for the most part I’ve got some confidence we’re at average or slightly below average yields.”

His advice to growers is to continue to scout fields.

“We need to know what to expect come fall so we can plan harvest—no one wants to harvest downed corn, especially if it’s low-yielding,” he says. “So, I would really encourage growers to get with seed advisors and dealers and go walk fields to understand what happened and why it happened and maybe there are some things we can change next year to prevent it.”

Brownfield spoke to Gauck at Becknology Days recently in Atlanta, Indiana.

Audio: Steve Gauck, Beck’s

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