Agronomist urges farmers to diversify their planting intentions

Some early planting is underway in parts of Kanas.

Kris Young is a regional agronomist with AgriGold.  “Just yesterday we had some guys putting in early-planted soybeans,” he says.  “Sometimes we have some guys who like to plant some high-yield soybeans and they’ll plant them in the early part of April and then they’ll switch immediately over to corn.”

He tells Brownfield with the week’s upcoming forecast he expects planting pace to pick up.  “Things are drying out and things are expected to be warm and dry over the next 7 to 10 days,” he says.  “So I do expect a lot of planters to be rolling and growers getting out there and at least getting some of that crop in the ground.  I don’t recommend trying to plant the whole crop in a week, but I do think it’s a good idea to go out there and plant some of it.”

Drought continues to be a problem for much of his coverage area this year.   He says farmers need to be diverse.  “Don’t plant the whole farm to soybeans,” he says.  “I think planting corn on some of your better acres is important.  Make sure you have multiple planting dates and multiple genetics to spread your risk.”

The USDA’s first crop report of the season showed Topsoil moisture in Kansas at 54% short to very short and Subsoil moisture was 62% short to very short.

AUDIO: Kris Young, AgriGold

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