Agronomist urges farmers to have flexibility as challenges arise

An agronomist for AgroLiquid says some unusual weather patterns have created additional challenges for farmers heading into the growing season. Stephanie Zelinko tells Brownfield weed control is at the top of her list. “We may see some additional weed pressures early,” she says.  “So we need to be aware and adjust some of those programs.”

When it comes to crop nutrients, she says farmers need to run the numbers. “I’m afraid that guys are trying to cut back a little bit too much just because of the market we’re in,” she says. “So again, looking back to that soil test and being able to do things in season is a great option to make sure that we’re not limiting ourselves too much.”

Zelinko says it’s great to have a plan in place before the start of planting season, but growers will need to be flexible as weather and other pressures arise. 

AUDIO: Stephanie Zelinko, AgroLiquid

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