Agronomy manager says monitor ear retention, stalk integrity for harvest

An agronomy manager says he’s concerned that the fallout from extreme heat this summer could result in significant yield loss.

Adam Haag covers the Great Plains for Golden Harvest and says harvest could be two weeks ahead of schedule. “It really felt like we went from quarter starch line down to three-quarter starch line to black layer in some areas much more rapidly than what we would have liked to have seen. And that was just largely due to that heat wave that we had 10 days two weeks ago.”

Speaking with Brownfield at Husker Harvest Days, he says farmers should be monitoring fields for quality issues. “What we’re trying to keep an eye on is stock integrity and ear retention and really encouraging our producers to get out in their fields, be proactive, scout and really try and make sure that they’re on a field-by-field basis prioritizing harvest.

Haag says he expects lots of yield variability with a small number of spots average at best.

Adam Haag with Golden Harvest:

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