“Alice” says many consumers are aware of farm issues

Wisconsin’s current Alice in Dairyland says consumers have been paying attention to some of the issues affecting farmers. Abigail Martin tells Brownfield, “They are concerned that farmers are struggling right now, which is great to see that they are kind of understanding that it is a real struggle in the agriculture community right now, so they’re concerned and want to do their part to support farmers that are in their area.”

Martin says the people she talks to while promoting Wisconsin agriculture products want to buy products from their state and local farmers and processors. “All of those different cheesemakers and our potato industry, and everything that is Wisconsin brand, they are looking for it to support local brands that are here in Wisconsin, so they’re really concerned about that.”

During this time of low prices and wet weather, Martin says it’s good to know consumers are trying to support their in-state farmers and processors.

Before promoting agriculture as Wisconsin’s 72nd Alice in Dairyland, Martin grew up on her family’s dairy farm and graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a Dairy Science degree.  She tells Brownfield like many other farmers, her family has been dealing with the cool, wet weather and late-planted crops.

Alice in Dairyland Abigail Martin discusses several topics with Brownfield at World Dairy Expo

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