All things considered, agronomist says crops in good shape in areas of Nebraska

An agronomist based in South Central Nebraska says crops are off to great start even with a variety of challenges early in the growing season.

Kevin Keller with Pioneer tells Brownfield most crops were planted in cold and dry conditions. “I haven’t seen anything that’s been overly concerning as far as the trend goes in either corn or soybeans. Of course, there’s always some challenges and one offs given the dry year.”

He tells Brownfield moisture has been the wildcard for growers. “If we were able to get some moisture ahead of planting or right after planting, where if that was for Mother Nature or in in in my case in this area we had a lot of pivots, we ran ahead of planting. Those fields seem to be off to a really nice start.”

Keller says some crops are showing nitrogen-deficient symptoms.

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