American Farmland Trust breaks down carbon markets

American Farmland Trust has developed a guidebook for farmers and their advisors to compare carbon market programs.

Water Initiatives Director Michelle Perez tells Brownfield reduced tillage, cover crops, and nutrient management are the most incentivized practices.

“The recent agricultural carbon markets really started around 2016, so it’s just been very recently that probably over a dozen of them have proliferated, and now most of them are focused on cropland,” she shares.

Midwest Deputy Director Jean Brokish says the USDA recognizes 53 climate-smart practices that provide climate benefits.

“There’s a supplement that talks about the co-benefits of climate-smart practices, which I hope will also illustrate just to the farmer level what these practices are doing for their bottom line, for their productivity and their long-term profitability,” she says.

Perez says farmers can also compare program rates, practices, and terminology as they consider participating in different programs.

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