Ammonium sulfate can give soybeans sulfur boost

An agronomist says they’re seeing more cases of sulfur deficiency in soybeans.

Mercedes Gearhart, at AdvanSix Plant Nutrients, tells Brownfield the Clean Air act has been a factor…

“We’ve seen more and more cases of sulfur deficiency showing up, in part because we’ve cleaned the air.” She says “With the acid rain they were getting free sulfur. We are seeing responses to sulfur fertilization even in in heavier soils, high organic matter, so things have changed.”

She says most sulfur applications are made in the fall, but soybeans need it in the spring…

“That means you need to get sulfur somehow some way and ammonium sulphate has the ability to provide that sulfur immediately available for the roots to take it up and for nodulation to take place,” she says.

Gearhart says ammonium sulfate is readily available, and easily applied.

“It is a very common fertilizer because on corn it has been utilized for forever.”  She says, “It can go on anywhere, you know, from a few weeks before planting or all the way up to V4 and you can still get the benefits from that sulfur.”

She says AMS supports early-season growth and nodulation, and ultimately higher soybean yields.

AUDIO: Mercedes Gearhart – senior agronomist at AdvanSix Plant Nutrients

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