An early Illinois spring?

Farmers across Illinois are preparing for the possibility of an earlier-than-normal start to the planting season.

Malcom Head raises cattle and row crops in Macon County…

“I think it’s going to be in early spring with an early Easter.”  He says, “So, we look forward to it. I mean every spring makes you excited to see the grass green up and our wheat’s really greened up and the rye is growing. So, it’s just a great time of year.”

Gerald Thompson, who farms in McLean County, tells Brownfield they’ve prioritized tiling projects…

“While it’s not the easiest and finest and most glamorous work in the world, the payback we’ve found to be significant and we’ve seen huge benefits, you know, from the productivity standpoint of a farm.”  He says, “So yeah, it’s been a priority that we get as much done as we can.”

Christian County farmer Ken Franklin says the countryside is busy, but…

“Just normal, I would say early spring activities, but it’s happening more late winter.”  He says, “I guess the calendar’s moved up about a month from when we expect to be doing these kinds of things.”

At this point, all three producers say they plan to hold off on planting until late March or early April. 

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