Anaerobic digestion seen as renewable energy solution

The potential of anaerobic digestion as a renewable energy solution is being discussed in southern Minnesota. 

Shannon Schlecht with the Minnesota Ag Utilization Research Institute says anaerobic digestion involves using bacteria to break down biproducts to release methane that can be turned into renewable natural gas.

“And we have the digestate as a biproduct of the solids that come out of that, and that can be used for bedding, for fertilizers. So we’re taking one waste stream or one coproduct stream, and then creating multiple potential value streams.”

Speaking to Brownfield at the Minnesota Renewable Energy Roundtable near Waseca, he says anaerobic digestion could be a solution to climate goals.

“You can perhaps run your city fleet with that capture. So you’re replacing fossil fuels (and) meeting those goals, reducing your carbon footprint and in the meantime reducing waste to a landfill as well as adding additional value locally.”

Schlecht says the Inflation Reduction Act includes tax credits to help get anaerobic digestion projects up and running.

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