Animal Ag Alliance: having partners along the food supply chain is key to building a more sustainable future

The Animal Agriculture Alliance is highlighting the importance of being ‘partners in progress’ within the sector.

Communications and Content Manager Emily Solis says the organization’s recent summit brought together stakeholders across the food supply chain.

“(It) really focused on how we can all come together in all of our different sectors, all of our different commodity groups, and all of those different links along the food supply chain to really partner to build a more sustainable future for animal agriculture,” she says. “…one of the main highlights from this year’s event was a big focus by speakers on the need for all of us to get outside of our own silos, our specific commodity group, our specific sector of the food supply chain and work in partnership with other commodity groups and other links of the food supply chain that we may be connected to but may not necessarily work with on the day-to-day basis. (It’s important) to look at how we can all come together to partner and be more effective through those partnerships.”

She tells Brownfield the animal agriculture industry must continue, “communicating about our sustainability progress and about advancements in animal welfare and informing a food brand about why we do certain practices on the farm.” 

Solis says sustainability and animal welfare progress is on-going.

“It’s not a destination, it’s a continuous journey that the animal agriculture and food community are very much interested in partnering all along the food supply chain,” she says. “They’re very much committed and dedicated to furthering those advancements and improvements.”

The Animal Agriculture Alliance hosted its annual Stakeholders Summit last week in Arlington, Virginia. The 2024 event will take place May 8-9 in Kansas City.

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Audio: Emily Solis

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