Animal Ag Alliance: protecting your operation against activists

Livestock producers remain committed to protecting their operations from activists.

Casey Kinler, director of membership and marketing with the Animal Agriculture Alliance, says producers should be on the lookout for “red flags.”

“Whether it is in your hiring process, someone standing across the street taking photos, an uptick in getting information requests, or someone posing as a USDA worker or maintenance worker wanting to inspect your facility who you weren’t expecting,” she says.

She tells Brownfield there are several things producers can do to protect their farm.

“Basic security can go a long way. Having motion sensor lighting, making sure your locks are working and being used, and having no trespassing signs wherever someone might approach your farm,” she says.

Kinler also encourages farmers to have a crisis plan in place before anything happens.

“That’s really going to help mitigate the situation to make it not have as much of an impact,” she says. “Know who on your team is going to call law enforcement and who is going to respond to the media. Also, have draft statements available and have your contact lists up to date.”

Brownfield interviewed Kinler today during the Midwest Pork Conference in Indiana.

Click here for more information about the Animal Agriculture Alliance.

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