Another hot and dry week for Tennessee crops

USDA says it was another hot and dry week for Tennessee farmers, allowing them to get a lot of fieldwork done.

Reporters say farmers were able to harvest winter wheat and bale hay, as well as finish planting corn, cotton, and soybeans. Some spraying for pests was also keeping Tennessee farmers busy.

USDA says 98% of Tennessee’s corn is planted, compared to 100% last year and the five-year average. 95% of the crop has emerged, 3% below last year and the five-year average. 14% of the corn is already silking, 9% of the average. 17% of the corn is rated excellent. 54% of the crop is in good condition and 21% is rated fair.

96% of the cotton is planted, which is just 1% behind the five-year average. 27% of the cotton is squaring, up from 19% last year and 20% on average. 52% of the cotton is in good to excellent condition.

83% of the state’s soybeans are in the ground, on par with the five year average. 17% of the beans are blooming, far ahead of both last year’s 8% and the five year average of 2%. USDA says 13% of the soybeans are in excellent condition, and 51% are rated good with 30% rated fair.

62% of the tobacco has been transplanted, 13% behind the five-year average.

57% of Tennessee’s winter wheat crop has been harvested and nearly all of what’s left is mature. 15% of the winter wheat is in excellent condition, with 51% rated good and 26% fair.

The first cutting of hay is 81% finished, equal to the five-year average and 3% behind last year at this time.

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