Another week of gains for broiler hatchery data

2024 U.S. broiler numbers continue to run ahead of the 2023 pace.

The USDA says 245.348 million eggs were in incubation last week, up slightly on both the week and the year, with average hatchability holding steady at 79.1%.

190.364 million chicks were placed into meat production, more than a million above the prior week and modestly higher than a year ago, with those birds heading to market starting next month.

The USDA sees 2024 broiler production at 46.9 billion pounds, up 60 million from May due to recent hatchery data and heavier weights.

The USDA’s next annual broiler production update is out July 12th.

Comparisons for Brownfield states:

Arkansas: Sets: 25.511 million eggs, compared to 25.678 million a week ago; Placements: 22 million head, compared to 21.335 million last week

Kentucky: Sets: 8.015 million eggs, compared to 8.194 million a week ago; Placements: 6.092 million head, compared to 5.868 million last week

Missouri: Sets: 8.891 million eggs, compared to 8.769 million a week ago; Placements: 5.236 million head, compared to 5.659 million last week

California/Tennessee/West Virginia: Sets: 13.385 million eggs, compared to 13.422 million a week ago; Placements: 12.052 million head, compared to 12.182 million last week

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