Areas of Corn Belt receive some precipitation from winter weather

Some winter weather moved across parts of the Corn Belt on Friday and a state climatologist says the moisture was good news for farmers.

Iowa’s Justin Glisan tells Brownfield soil profiles need a boost heading into the upcoming growing season. “We’re still short across much of the region, especially in the central part of the Corn Belt,” he said. Western and Eastern Corn Belt, not as bad as we are in Iowa.”

He says drought is one of his biggest concerns for producers. “Pastures have not been doing well. You’re getting to cuttings of alfalfa hay, but with a lack of precipitation, you’re not getting that quality. Farmers are dipping into those hay reserves earlier.”

Glisan says current outlooks suggest wetter-than-normal conditions for the Eastern Corn Belt through March with elevated chances of warmer and drier weather in the Central and Western Corn Belt.

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