BASF announces new corn herbicide to help battle weed resistance

Corn farmers will have another option in the fight against tough-to-control weeds.

BASF has announced Surtain, a new corn herbicide that the company hopes to be available for the 2024 growing season.  Wade Firestone, US Crop Product Manager with BASF says Surtain provides growers with unmatched weed control. “Up to 8-weeks residual on tough-to-control weeds like waterhemp and Palmer amaranth,” he says.  

He tells Brownfield the combination of chemistries is unique. “This is the first solid encapsulated herbicide on the market,” he says.  “What that allows us to do is incorporate residual PPO herbicides on the corn acre that we haven’t had the ability to do earlier.”

He says Surtain brings growers more effective and timely weed control.  “We continue to have growing resistance and limited tools at our disposal,” he says.  “Anytime we have the ability to incorporate additional sites of action into that program, I think that’s a great benefit for the growers.  

Firestone says if growers want to see the product at work, it will be used in University trials and in showcase plots in certain areas this growing season.  

AUDIO: Wade Firestone, BASF

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