BASF Combines Credenz and LibertyLink for 2019

A BASF Soybean specialist says Credenz Brand combined with LibertyLink satisfies farmer’s hunt for profitability.

“Yield used to be the number one need in their mind. Weed control surpassed that and now with commodity prices where they are at today, it’s all about profit for their farm.”

Jody Wynia, U.S. Soybean Lead for BASF tells Brownfield that profitability and new technology were the main topics they spoke to farmers about at the 2018 Farm Progress Show.

He says they are bringing LibertyLink GT27 within the Credenz brand and will launch 13 new varieties in 2019,

“The excitement around that brand is when we look at the yields. The yields are bringing a 4 bushel per acre advantage and they are showing that across the board. So, whether you are in North Dakota all the way down to Missouri, in a zero to four maturity group, the performance is pretty strong.”

Wynia says they have also added 38 news sales representatives and 10 new agronomists in the Midwest,

“Their sole role is really to get out there and help the grower and partner with the retailer to help them understand the demographics on their farm, the environments on their farm and make sure we have the right seed on that acre so they are getting the best return on investment.”

Audio: Interview with Jody Wynia


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