BASF has tank mix adjuvant for Engenia reregistration

BASF says it supports the EPA’s new restrictions under reregistration for its dicamba herbicide Engenia. One of the requirements for 2021 is for growers to add a tank mix to help reduce volatility of the product.

Tracy Rowlandson, technical marketing manager for Engenia, tells Brownfield Ag News they’ve developed the product, Sentris, “Engenia IS the lowest volatility salt on the market. And what we’ve found in both internal and external recent studies is that when you tank mix partners with products such as glyphosate, which is an acidifying herbicide, that causes that tank mix pH to crop below five we see an increased risk in volatility.”

She says Sentris works to fix that issue, “What Sentris does is help bring that pH up and stabilize the pH of that spray solution.”

Rowlandson says Sentris is the only approved buffering adjuvant to use with Engenia.

Interview with Tracy Rowlandson ^^

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